teach languages online with sbique

4 reasons why you should be teaching on Sbique


flexible schedule

With Sbique, there is no need for you to define a teaching schedule or calendar. You just come online whenever you have time and we will match you with language learners for instant lessons via videochat. We give you no restrictions on how much or little you should teach – instead, you enjoy a fully flexible online teaching experience. With Sbique, you can stop deprioritizing your private plans and get rid of awkward empty time slots between lessons. Teach languages online and take the flexibility you deserve.

Since the matching of language learners and tutors is automated via our intelligent algorithm, you won’t need to spend any time on acquiring new students through elaborate videos or essays. All you need to do is to collect good ratings from your students – because a good rating means that our algorithm will send more lesson requests your way. But the fact that you don’t have to spend time on attracting students doesn’t mean you can’t build a loyal student base – all our language learners have the possibility to bookmark their favorite Native Speakers so that you will be the first to receive their lesson requests.

No student acquisition



flexible payout

With Sbique, you have full control over the money you earn. You decide when you want to pay it out to your bank account and you do so without any fees. After all, the money you earn is yours and we believe in treating it that way.

All you need to teach on Sbique is your phone and our Sbique for Native Speakers app. Our video calling solution is fully integrated into the application so you won’t need any other software. Take 1 minute to download the app and create your account and join the most flexible language teaching platform out there. Interested in how it works for our language learners? Well, check this out.

easy usage