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Absolutely. Our platform is still young so you may have to see if you can get sufficient lesson requests but it is our aspiration to make sure that you do.

No. You earn the full amount from the very first lesson.

That’s completely up to you. There’s neither a minimum nor a maximum number of hours you have to teach on Sbique and we don’t require you to be online at certain times. You simply come online when you have time and feel like it. You may of course experience that you receive more lesson requests at certain times of day – it’s up to you to draw the conclusion that works best for you from this.

That’s completely up to you and your student. We charge students by the minute so you are not bound to a specific lesson length. We do ask students to give an indication of how long they want their lesson to be – so if you see that they are looking for a 60min lesson but you’re only available for 30min then best don’t accept the request. However, as soon as you have started a lesson you can make it as short or long as you want to. Note that your payout will increase with the duration of the lesson. 

Absolutely! You enjoy comlete geographic flexibility and can give lessons from anywhere.

We always try to find the best tutor for our users. For this, we mainly look at received ratings. If you are available at the moment when a language learner is looking for a tutor like you, you will receive a push notification to your phone with a short profile of the requested lesson (approximate length and desried conversation topic). If you feel like it’s not a good fit, you can of course decline the request.

Yes and yes. You can build a loyal student base as we give all our language learners the opportunity to bookmark their favorite Native Speakers. So next time they want a lesson, we will send you their request first and you just need to make sure to accept it. Other than that, you can increase the number of lesson requests simply by getting good ratings.

No, it’s up to you who and what you want to teach. When you receive a lesson request you will see a snapshot of the student and the lesson that they are looking for. In case you feel uncomfortable with any of this information, you are of course free to simply decline the lesson request.

There is no pre-defined lesson plan – you can design your lessons in the way that is most beneficial to your student. Since lessons are on-demand, you usually don’t have a lot of lead time to plan your lessons so adaptability is key. However, we do ask students if they have a specific topic they want to cover in any given lesson, which will be displayed to you in the lesson profile. If you feel uncomfortable with the topic, you are of course free to decline the lesson request.

Easy and flexible. We give you full control on when and how much of your money you want to pay out to your bank account. Also, payouts are free.

Firstly, you can only teach your native language on Sbique. Secondly, you have to demonstrate your proven ability to teach – this could be via references, teaching certificates, or ratings on other platforms. We give you some flexibility here but we need to be convinced that you’ll be a great tutor for our language learners

Super easy. Just reach out to us, specifying what language you would like to teach and what your experience and/or qualifications are. Once we have verified your status as a native speaker, you just download the app, create an account and start teaching. Shouldn’t take more than 1min of your time.

No. You only need the Sbique for Native Speakers app. The video calling functionality and everything else is fully integrated in the application.

No, we don’t. Of course we’re happy if you decide to spend a lot of time on Sbique but we give you full flexibility and let you make your own choices.

No, at the moment we offer only 1:1 lessons.

Not at the moment. Do send us an email to contact@sbique.com if this is something that would be important to you.

That’s great! We’d be happy to feature some of your resources in our Sbique Magazine. Just reach out to us under contact@sbique.com so that we can go through the content.