language learning with sbique

7 reasons why you'll love it


on-demand lessons

You simply decide that you want to practice a language and can do so immediately. Don’t commit your time in advance – after all, there is so much in life that can get in the way of our plans. With Sbique, you will never have to cancel a lesson and you will never need to work your schedule around one. Instead, you book immediate sessions whenever you have time and feel like it. We offer you the most instant and stress-free language learning experience out there. Take the flexibility you deserve and learn languages on-demand.

It’s hard to know in advance exactly how long you will want a language session to be. Sometimes you have a great learning experience and want it to go on for longer than you had initially expected. Other times, something may come up and you need to cut your lesson short. With Sbique, you can put your mind at ease and just learn for as long as it makes sense. Ahead of your session, we only ask you to give an indication of the approximate duration you are looking for – but don’t worry, this is just to ensure that the native speaker we match you with has sufficient time for you. You’re charged by the minute for the real length of each of your lessons. Without subscriptions or hidden fees.




native speakers

If you want to learn how to speak a language authentically, there is no better way than to learn with native speakers. Not only are you exposed to an authentic accent, but you also learn how to use colloquialisms and modern language. All tutors on Sbique are native speakers and all of them boast an impressive track record when it comes to tutoring. Whether you’re just getting started or want to make that final step to full fluency – our native speakers got you covered. Effective language learning guaranteed!

With Sbique, you’re in the driver’s seat! We let you simulate real-life situations through real-life conversations with native speakers. There is no passive learning on our platform – no gap-fill exercises and no “find the right translation”. That’s because we don’t only want you to pick the right answer on a test, we want you to actually become fluent. And that’s what you achieve through 1:1 language learning with real people. If you want to learn how to have a conversation and interact in real-life situations in a foreign language, this is the place for you. We’ll get you speaking!

active learning



Easy matching

Finding the perfect language tutor for yourself can be hard. You may look at their references, their picture or even a short video in which they introduce themselves. But you’ll never know if you will “click” with them and build the personal connection that is so important for a safe learning environment. This is why we find the right match for you – our algorithm is trained to match you with a native speaker who you are likely to have a good connection with, based on your previous sessions. And once you’ve found one or many native speakers you like, you simply bookmark them to make sure we match you with them again in the future.

Sbique allows you to learn language at anytime and from anywhere, as long as you have your phone on you. All you need is the Sbique app – our video chat technology is fully integrated and we don’t require you to download any additional software. Leave the commute to your local language school in the past and enjoy the most flexible language learning experience out there.

full mobility



learning only

With Sbique, you are fully focused on learning. We don’t do tandems and we will never expect you to teach “in return”. Your full lesson is dedicated to one goal, and one goal only – improving your language skills. That being said, if you’re using Sbique for one language but you’re also an experienced tutor for another, you are of course invited to additionally sign up to our group of native speakers. Find out more here.