On-demand language learning with native speakers

Instant matching, full flexibility - no bookings, no subscriptions

How it works for you

Specify your desired language and topic

Let us know which language you want to practice. Additionally, pick your desired conversation topic if you have one – this will improve the fit of the native speaker we match you with.

Indicate the approximate session length

Tell us how long you think you want your session to be. Don’t worry, this is just to make sure we find a native speaker who has sufficient time – you’re only charged for the actual length of your call.

Hit "Match me now"​

Just hit the button and we’ll get started. We’ll find you a fitting native speaker immediately – no bookings ahead of time, no waiting!

Start your video call directly in the App

Once we have found a match for you, you can start the session via video call directly within the Sbique App – no need to change platforms!

How we match you with our native speakers


We find a match for you that is instantly available


We prioritize native speakers that you bookmark as your preferred language partners

conversation topic

We match you with someone who likes talking about the topic you specify

smart algorithms

We find the best match based on how you rated past sessions

Why Sbique?

Sbique is an on-demand and instant language learning platform

It's on-demand

At the click of a button you can get an immediate taxi ride, watch your favorite show or even see a doctor – why shouldn’t the same be possible for practicing a language?

Sbique is flexible and has no subscriptions for online language lessons

it's flexible

At Sbique, we have no subscriptions, no lock-ins and not even a pre-defined session length – you can end your lessons anytime and are only charged for the time you really took.

Sbique offers effective learning with native speakers

it's effective

When it comes to language learning, the most important thing is to dare to speak and to get a feel for the language. So don’t get bogged down in grammar, just get talking with native speakers.

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